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Can We Still Be Friends?

A Random Thought...
A Random Poem... 
No idea ,what it is.. 
for whom it is.. 
Actually Its an imagination...

Someone has truly said " The most painful goodbyes are the ones that are never said and never explained"

She was shivering and hurting
lost out in the night
searching and wandering
for heaven's light

She saw the night sky clearing
when I spread my rainbow wings
But little did she know
what joy I could

From that time second
a friendship did start
I try to kiss away her tears
and shelter her heart...!!!

She bless the day
God sent us from above
But then She grew fearful
for I have fallen in love...!!!

She told me this feeling
and what did I say?
I said I liked our friendship
and that's how it would stay...!!!

She cried for a lost friendship ,
I too cried a lot
But then she felt my warm, gentle hand
I then whispered in her ear
that by my side you'll forever stand...!!!

"Its hard to move on from a broken heart but it's harder to move on from a broken Friendship"


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