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Are you in Love ? Really ??

Are you able to make out difference between love or lust when you are in actual relationship. You must got confused whether it is love or is it lust ???


Sometimes you feel that you are in love without having any idea that it is lust not love.

In the beginning of relationship, everything is so intense-
☻your emotions,☻ Intimacy, ☻feelings, ☻the passion, ☻desires and ☻romance...


So how can you know that whether it is love or just a sex appeal that you feel for your partner ???

Since its my first blog-post regarding love, the topic of love and lust is what i want to share with you all as its going to benefit most of the singles and married .

I heared many times of singles, married, couples- who takes lust as a love. How can you know whether it is lust or love ?? Its not only a question but also a riddle which puzzles many people.

Until its late, they are not not able to understand it, even those who are in marital relationship often thinks whether love and lust is still there in between them ??

Many married couples results in divorce because what they consider to be love is just a lust.

Generally, its not ''love at first site'' , opposite to what most of us thinks. Basically its ''lust at first sight''. Am I right ????
Have you ever feel those butterflies in that stomach kind of feelings- special feelings that you feel for someone, especially when eyes strike with each other.
It can just be lust not love.

Am not saying that lusting this way is not good as sometimes love starts with lust. Such desires grow into love and could have a end with a beautiful relationship too, well it takes time too.
However its not that it always end up the same way.
But what are you actually feeling- love or lust ??

Love And Lust

In the beginning of  relationship, when the hormones of sex are at their peak. more of lust is there than love. You looks at the other person the way you want them to be, instead of seeing the they are in actual. You are not able to see anything in love as they say because more of lust is there than love.
Pure lust is basically based on the physical attraction and the fantasy you have for the other person, which generally disappear as early as reality of the person comes out. You looks at your partner as one who cannot do anything wrong, Lust can last to love, what you need is to spend time to know each other in the period when you both are in true love.

Your mind will confuse you at certain times, what you are considering to be love can just be love you feel for your partner.

One cannot have a happy and enjoyable relationship , if they are only physically attracted to each other. It just work to maintain the chemistry alive within those two.

When there is only lust and no feeling of love then one does not think of the happiness of  his or her partner- all you need is momentary satisfaction.

To clear whether it is love or lust, you need to know what actually these two terms mean.

What is Love ? 

I am damn sure that, you all readers must be teenagers or adults. I hope you all know what is love.
So rather than going in detail, am going to share a little more in brief of it.

Intense feeling- is love. It is the care and attraction you feel for other person. It is basically a profound and caring attraction you have for someone.
When you are in love , you are committed to other fellow. You try to resolve the conflicts rather than giving up.
The more we have thoughts full of lust, less we can found true romantic love.

What is Lust ?

Looking towards Lust- it is a very strong desire or you can say passion of a sexual nature one have for other person. Basically it is reaction to one's physical appearance. It tends to short lived and is a physical emotion towards other.

It occurs when one is sexually attracted to other and wants him or her for sex.

It is for a short time unless you got the heat of the moment and then suddenly its all over
. It is just craving of sexual desire.
 Love is forever, Lust is temporary. Romance and Lust will always be short lived without Love

Difference Between Lust and Love

According to me these are main differences...

1.Feelings and emotions

When one is in love, there is commitment, security, affection and intimacy in their relationship. There is a inner desire of  helping and please your partner. Your heart just becomes happy when you see your partner.

There are conflicts between two, but that conflict can't be there for a long period of time, they are resolved very shortly. You are no longer a selfish person, on other hand you learn to love and know its importance.

While in lust, there is intense feeling of passion and need. There is just
a physical emotion towards other or a sexual desire. There can't be any heart connection with people when the two are lusting.

2. Time and Physical Chemistry

Love tales a long period of time to carry on physical chemistry. In true love, bond between two gets strength with passage of time as well as there is a permanent commitment which stays throughout the life.

But it is just a temporary phase which short lived in lust. We can say it a romantic infatuation. While in case of love, it binds two people and remains there even if infatuation fades away. Lust last in fulling one's sexual desire.

3. Personal Issues and Fronts

If we talk about personal front, then love is a genuine intention of commitment towards each other in mind. One thinks of feeling of other person before going through any action.

on other hand it is only a mutually pleasurable relationship in case of Lust, like a fun for short period of time. One doesn't bother about the emotions and feelings of other.

4. Signs And Indicators

Once a person is in love, he is loyal, full of faithfulness and is confident. He try his best to resolve the conflicts. He is ready to make sacrifices for his partner. He starts listening to his partners opinion.

On the other hand if we talk about Lust, it is full of emotions of  acquisitiveness, desire and passion.

Love is unconditional, one does not expect anything from his partner, but lust on other hand is conditional, it survives only if one gets what he wants.


Now a Question For you

 Now a question for you all- what will you choose- love or lust ??? Do you think there is big difference between love and lust ??? Is lust as important as love ???


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