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Can We Still Be Friends?

A Random Thought...
A Random Poem... 
No idea ,what it is.. 
for whom it is.. 
Actually Its an imagination...

Someone has truly said " The most painful goodbyes are the ones that are never said and never explained"

She was shivering and hurting
lost out in the night
searching and wandering
for heaven's light

She saw the night sky clearing
when I spread my rainbow wings
But little did she know
what joy I could

From that time second
a friendship did start
I try to kiss away her tears
and shelter her heart...!!!

She bless the day
God sent us from above
But then She grew fearful
for I have fallen in love...!!!

She told me this feeling
and what did I say?
I said I liked our friendship
and that's how it would stay...!!!

She cried for a lost friendship ,
I too cried a lot
But then she felt my warm, gentle hand
I then whispered in her ear
that by my side you'll forever stand...!!!

"Its hard to move on from a broken heart but it's harder to move on from a broken Friendship"

That Another Girl...!!!

I saw her,
And she stared back.
Her face packed with expressions,
But smile she did lack.

I smiled a little,
And a little did she smile.
Her eyes hides a story,
May be journey of a mile.

What’s your hidden story?
What’s did you want?
I gently asked her,
Or is that the memories that haunt!

Saw her confused,
I waited for the replies.
After a deep sigh,
The answer was in her eyes.

To all my queries,
Only one answer i could find.
Million thoughts of her dreams,
Kept running through her mind.

Keep attempting till you succeed,
I assured her with a smile.
She will fulfill her dreams,
Even if it takes a while.

Who is she?
You may think.
How well i understood her,
Within an eye’s blink?

She is no one else,
Just another normal girl.
A girl in the heart;
Who wish to alter the world.

The Lost Smile

Made by me ...!!
This small poem is dedicated to my two friends ... Pinky & Chinky...This poem expresses what they feel..their emotions..... Am thankful to God to gift me such wonderful friends....

Gloomily within the corner I sit
Killing time bit by bit
Going through this time phase
without a smile on the face...

Blank stare out of the window
little stars darkly they grow
I get up to run a mile
In search of a light smile...

I have a  lot to say
But no words make my way
This silence nobody can hear
That smile is nowhere near...

To everyone its simply a plea
Just obtain me some glee
Help me once in a very while
                                         To find the lost smile...!!!

Priceless Pals: On the Wings of A Butterfly

A Small poem for all my loving n Special frendss...!!!
A tribute to u all...!!!

Your friendship is precious
Like those flowers that bloom,
Or when a butterfly emerges
From among its cocoon...

You memories me of that butterfly,
Loving and free,
Bright and colourful,
For the world to see...

We will share sunshine and rainbows;
Sometimes, the rain and also the snow;
We'll stand along through it,
While the cold winds blow...

It has ne'er been so profound,
a forever friend have I found.
Let our friendly relationship be a bond,
which can ne'er be a dry pond.

Flashing your pretty and special smile,
warms a butterfly once in a while.
When the time is right,
We won't stop to ask "Why?"
Our friendship will take a long flight
On the wings of a butterfly ...


Misunderstanding..... small word but has a very huge meaning...!!! Even a small moment of Misunderstanding is so poisonous, it makes us forget the thousands of lovable moments spent together...!!!

Don no am getting emotional ... well here is my small poem on Misunderstanding..... The idea of writing this poem comes when Me and My School friend went through misunderstanding for a long period of time...a bad period of time...!!!

I don't recognize what happened
or why you can not see
The mistrust you have got caused
by the way you treated ME.

My shock and disbelief
were all I may feel.
All your continued retorts
were incredibly surreal.

I ought to have let it go,
and thinked you were somehow pained.
But I took it into my heart 
and currently we both are emotionally drained.

I finally reached to you
after 2 long days had passed.
I found you were receptive
and appeared far more relaxed.

A fonecall would solve our problem
I told myself and you.
You said you can call me
and I thought it to be true.

The day passed into night,
the following dawn was spent.
No call did I receive,
no words could we repent.

You promised you'd show me
you'd from currently on be continuously true.
But instead by your inaction
our relationship has become unglued.

You claimed to be a partner,
more family than friend.
How simply it was recanted
so it should have been pretend.

Now the Misunderstandings has gone
but now I feel alone ...!!!

Lets Girl Be Born

Just think of a world without Girls.... I think it would be a worst condition...

There are many Government Organisations and NGO's which says "Save the Girl child", but we don't...
Do you know what a Girl child means, its nothing but in simple words a Goddess , creator of a next generation, even then our society don't accepts the fact that a healthy and happy girl give birth to a happy and prosperous nation.
At present , its Navratri going on, where we worship Goddess... on one hand we pray from them and on other hand we kill them... then what's the point of worshipping, if u cant respect them then why do you pray from them...Enough is Enough .Even killing the girl child is not the only issue in India, Girls are discriminated from the very basic needs  from the very early age of their life, they are not given the required nutrition and education. When she is in womb, she is discarded that too before her arrival in the world.At last I want to say that Save Girl child and ask other to do the same.
At Bachha Park- Meerut

Let's care for the birth of the girl kid and promote a similar message.
Get along and resist social pressures to go certain  pre birth sex selection and determination.
Bravely report any people and medical facilities that do or promote sex choice and determination to the acceptable authority for your area.

Bass Yuhi Kabhi Kabhi...!!!

☻Miltey rehna yunhi bewajha mere yarro,
wajah ho koi to dushman bhi milney chaley aatey h...!!!

♥Kaun kehta h pyaar khareda nhi jaa sakta....
Mainey to badi Keemat chukai h dil lganey ki...!!!

♫ Bhot ajeeb hai ye fasaney Mohabbat key,
Na unhoney kabhi qaid kiya na hum kabhi farar hue...!!!

♪♥♪ Chand lamho ki hai ye zindagi fizool ki,
 Fir bhi maut se jyada kyu nakhrey hai iskey...!!!

☺Wo puchtey hai kaun hu mai teri zindagi mai,
Jawab to deta hu par wo kabhi samajh nhi paate...!!!

♠ Mere huzrey mai nhi khi orr rakhdo,
chand laye ho, lae aao or zameen pe rakh do...!!!