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When I think to Suicide..

Do you know why do people commit suicide ?? well, there can be various reason behind this. They can be lost respect, failure in education, lost love, and the most popular nothing to look forward to. Reasons can be several. The reason can be even a big single or collections of little ones.

When the person remains with no mood, he just wants to escape from the world, everything that passes by, doesn't notices him. That time he just want to commit suicide without any pain. Yes without any pain, because no wants him to be in pain during his last moments of life... he just wants to escape without any pain... here is the small poem by me which I wrote 2 years back... hope you all like it...

Thinking a thousand times,
Walking around railway lines,
Waiting will not be peaceful as much,
It will not be fun as such...

Counting the number of sleeping pills,
Looking through the bottle in pink,
Hurt-ed abdominal and vomiting blood,
Don't want last minute to be as such...

How regarding jumping off the hilltop,
Riding a fate unknown like a drop,
Just bunching without the countdown,
Three-Four seconds of plunging down...

Listening to the wind,
Feeling weightless as nothing,
Just at the last moment,closing eyes down,
A thud against the ground...

A neck breaks like a foot tramps a twig,
The blood slowly climbs down the lip,
As I take my final breath,
No wrath, No math, No aftermath...

Thank You...!!!


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