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Soldier's Life

Its make me emotional whenever i think of a soldier's life. He's the one who spend his life for us, for you, for our country. He fights for his nation without thinking of his children, his beloved wife, his parents...well, he is following his duty. He doesn't speaks of his own, its his uniform who speaks...  
The soldiers life isn't for all 
A soldier should be willing to offer his all
 He is over-worked and underpaid 
A more true patriot was ne'er made 
Always Ready to go at any time 
Wherever there's hassle or the initial sign 
His bravery and honor are unsurpassed 
Ready and willing to finish the task 
Travelling to lands each close to and far 
He stands his post and appears at the stars 
Wondering what he would done
If he had not chosen to hold a gun
There's a discipline when he walks
There's a honour when he talks.
Remember following time that you just are driving by
And see the country flag flying proud and high
That somewhere out where a soldier stands
Weary and cold during a foreign land
Protecting our nation from our foes
Standing tall and proud whether it's rain or snow.
Viewing the family photo's again and again
Carring the heart full of pain.
counting the stars of moments in thoughts
Guns and tears, they all got...
He's not a man hired to do
But a soul of man burried deep inside of you...



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