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A Stupid Question asked TWICE...!!!!!!!

Have you ever noticed that something which irritates you tries to come again and again in front of you. This is what actually happened with me in past few days.

So friends am going to share what actually am talking about. Those were the days of 2010 when i was in relationship. Then in 2011, we both are talking in general way and yes its her birthday that day.... she suddenly says '' i thought of asking this question from a sincere person but well u tell me ' What is Life ?'...''. Firstly I thought that what actually she wanna say... did she wants to say that an not sincere... initially I frustrates but then i leave it thinking its her birthday..... well coming back to question, which is a bit odd.... i find it difficult to answer.... it looks as if the question is very simple but its answer is not so.... after 3 days i replies her.. and its like '' life is what we are living, life is what we are feeling, life is what we want to live'' and being a little romantic i say'' my life is you''.

She becomes happy , however after sometime she says '' baby please stop being romantic and give me a proper reply''.... after thinking a lot, i gave her a reply which satisfies her but in actual even i got confused what am saying to her... jokes apart... this question leaves me for sometime. Then in 2012 because of certain miss-understandings we both broke up. But still she is there somewhere in my heart... thinking of her makes me emotional.... well this is not the topic right now.

Now after 2 years i.e. in May 2014, my friend's girlfriend asked the same question that too from me only, i don't understand the reason, why ??? But this time I don't want to think on this topic and I have to give the reply even. So I asked my best friend, the same question. after 2-3 hours she replies'' life is what we are living, it can be happy or sad, caring, full of joy, .....'' its like this only as i have forgot  what exactly it is but the last line sent by her is their in my mind which is '' bass ab mai isse jyada emotional nhi ho sakti'' . I don't know why but i like this line by her and that's why only I remembered this.

Well, why this stupid question is coming again and again in front of me. Hope that I will not face the same question again in future.


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