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Wherever you're

Hello Friends.
So here is my first poem ( i think) on this blog.
Wrote it in October 2013, Starts it at 2:37 AM and completed it at 9:43 AM
Have a Look at it, I hope you would like it...
I you like it, please sound off in comments.

wherever you're,
I hope you are merry,
Playing on a Guitar,
A tune, As sweet As cherry...

I have captured a pic in my mind with you,

And the days we have together spent,
Applying the baby shampoo,
And later enjoying it's scent....


I ♥ and miss you,
To the moon and back,
And i hope you like me too.
As deep as colour black...

I  wish I might,
Reverse the clock
To do some right,
And to together mock...

I wish you all the happiness
Wherever you're
And a life packed with steadiness,
With no scar...


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