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Lets Girl Be Born

Just think of a world without Girls.... I think it would be a worst condition...

There are many Government Organisations and NGO's which says "Save the Girl child", but we don't...
Do you know what a Girl child means, its nothing but in simple words a Goddess , creator of a next generation, even then our society don't accepts the fact that a healthy and happy girl give birth to a happy and prosperous nation.
At present , its Navratri going on, where we worship Goddess... on one hand we pray from them and on other hand we kill them... then what's the point of worshipping, if u cant respect them then why do you pray from them...Enough is Enough .Even killing the girl child is not the only issue in India, Girls are discriminated from the very basic needs  from the very early age of their life, they are not given the required nutrition and education. When she is in womb, she is discarded that too before her arrival in the world.At last I want to say that Save Girl child and ask other to do the same.
At Bachha Park- Meerut

Let's care for the birth of the girl kid and promote a similar message.
Get along and resist social pressures to go certain  pre birth sex selection and determination.
Bravely report any people and medical facilities that do or promote sex choice and determination to the acceptable authority for your area.


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