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Misunderstanding..... small word but has a very huge meaning...!!! Even a small moment of Misunderstanding is so poisonous, it makes us forget the thousands of lovable moments spent together...!!!

Don no am getting emotional ... well here is my small poem on Misunderstanding..... The idea of writing this poem comes when Me and My School friend went through misunderstanding for a long period of time...a bad period of time...!!!

I don't recognize what happened
or why you can not see
The mistrust you have got caused
by the way you treated ME.

My shock and disbelief
were all I may feel.
All your continued retorts
were incredibly surreal.

I ought to have let it go,
and thinked you were somehow pained.
But I took it into my heart 
and currently we both are emotionally drained.

I finally reached to you
after 2 long days had passed.
I found you were receptive
and appeared far more relaxed.

A fonecall would solve our problem
I told myself and you.
You said you can call me
and I thought it to be true.

The day passed into night,
the following dawn was spent.
No call did I receive,
no words could we repent.

You promised you'd show me
you'd from currently on be continuously true.
But instead by your inaction
our relationship has become unglued.

You claimed to be a partner,
more family than friend.
How simply it was recanted
so it should have been pretend.

Now the Misunderstandings has gone
but now I feel alone ...!!!


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